2012. szept. 30.

Arab Studies Journal. 20/1

Arab Studies Journal  Vol. XX No. 1, Spring 2012


Taking the Place of Martyrs: Afghans and Arabs under the Banner of Islam
by Darryl Li

Of Angels and Men: Sayyid Fadl b. 'Alawi and Two Moments of Sovereignty
by Wilson Chacko Jacob

Eichmann in Cairo: The Eichmann Affair in Nasser's Egypt
by Gilbert Achcar

Locating the Secular in Sayyid Qutb
by Mohammad Salama and Rachel Friedman

Book Reviews

Review Essays
  1. The Invisible State
    by Aaron Jakes
  2. Ottoman Environmental History: A New Area of Middle East Studies
    by Chris Gratien
  3. Edward Said’s Legacy
    by Anthony Alessandrini

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