2012. nov. 3.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Volume 22, Issue 3-4

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Volume 22, Issue 3-4, October 2012

SAJJAD H. RIZVI “Only the Imam Knows Best” The Maktab-e Tafkīk's Attack on the Legitimacy of Philosophy in Iran
JANY JÁNOS The Origins of the Kalīlah wa Dimnah: Reconsideration in the Light of Sasanian Legal History 
AMIR AHMADI The Syntax and Sense of the Ahuna Vairiia 
GEORGE LANE Mongol News: The Akhbār-i Moghulān dar Anbāneh Qutb by Quṭb al-Dīn Maḥmūd ibn Mas’ūd Shīrāzī 
CHOONG MUN-KEAT A comparison of the Pāli and Chinese versions of the Sakka Saṃyutta, a collection of early Buddhist discourses on ‘Śakra, ruler of the gods’ 
ROGÉRIO MIGUEL PUGA The First Museum in China: The British Museum of Macao (1829–1834) and its Contribution to Nineteenth-Century British Natural Science 

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