2012. dec. 6.

Acta Orientalia 65/4

Acta Orientalia Volume 65, Number 4/December 2012

İlker Evrim Binbaş The histories of sharaf al-Dīn’ Alī Yazdī: A formal analysis  391-417 

Tieshan Zhang & Peter Zieme  A new fragment of an unknown commentary to the Yuanjue Jing  419-426 
Ann Heirman  Sleep well! Sleeping practices in Buddhist disciplinary rules  427-444 
Abdessamad Belhaj Sufism as Islamic legal hermeneutics: The views of Al-Shāṭibī (D. 1388) and Zarrūq (D. 1493) 445-456 

Ofer Livne-Kafri A note on some hypothetical clauses in a Coptic and Arabic MS of the Pentateuch: The case of   457-461 
Gyula Wojtilla Contributions to the cultural history of emerald in early India  463-478 
István Vásáry  In memoriam Mirkasym A. Usmanov (1934–2010) 479-481


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