2014. jún. 15.

Journal of Semitic Studies 59/1

Journal of Semitic Studies Vol. 59/1

    Aren Wilson-Wright

The Word for ‘One’ in Proto-Semitic

  • Bo Isaksson

Clause Linking Strategies in the Narrative and Instructional Discourse of Joseph's Speech in Gen. 45:3–15

  • Uri Gabbay

Hebrew Śôm Śekel (Neh. 8:8) in Light of Aramaic and Akkadian

  • Robert D. Holmstedt and
  • Andrew R. Jones

The Pronoun in Tripartite Verbless Clauses in Biblical Hebrew: Resumption for Left-Dislocation or Pronominal Copula?

  • Silvia Fazzo and
  • Mauro Zonta

Towards a Textual History and Reconstruction of Alexander of Aphrodisias's Treatise On the Principles of the Universe

  • Sean W. Anthony

Further Notes on the Word Ṣibgha in Qurʾān 2:138

  • Vltaly Naumkin
  • Leonid Kogan
  • Dmitry Cherkashin
  • Aḥmad ʿĪsā ad-Daʿrhī
  • and ʿĪsa Gumʿān Ad-Daʿrhī

Two Archaic Poetic Compositions in Soqotri: 1905–1981–2012

  • Sabrina Bendjaballah and
  • Philippe Ségéral

The Phonology of ‘Idle Glottis’ Consonants in the Mehri of Oman (Modern South Arabian)

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