2014. aug. 7.

Journal of Arabic Literature Vol 44 / 2-3

Sexualized Collaborations and the Politics of Ghostwriting in Franco-Arab Literature: From Paul Bowles to Tout le monde aime Mohamed
Author: Mehammed Mack

Unnatural Narratives and Transgressing the Normative Discourses of Iraqi History: Translating Murtaā Gzār’s Al-Sayyid Aghar Akbar
Author: Yasmeen Hanoosh

Caught Between Aspiration and Anxiety, Praise and Exhortation: An Arabic Literary Offering to the Ottoman Sultan Selīm I
Author: Kristof D’hulster

Classical Arabic Poetry in Contemporary Studies: A Review Essay
Author: Majd Al-Mallah

The Many Lives of Arabic Verse: Ibn Nubātah al-Mirī Mourns More Than Once
Author: Adam Talib

Why was Ibn Quzmān Not Awarded the Title of “Abū Nuwās of the West?” (‘Zajal 96’, the Poet, and His Critics)
Author: James T. Monroe

Eating Figs and Pomegranates: Taboos and Language in the Thousand and One Nights
Author: Erez Naaman

Religion and Politics: On the Motif of Blindness in ʿAbd al-Mālik Nūrī’s “Rī al-janūb” and Ghāʾib Tuʿmah Farmān’s “ ʿAmmī ʿabburnī”
Author: Hilla Peled-Shapira

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