2013. okt. 9.

Journal of Semitic Studies 58/2

Journal of Semitic Studies Volume 58 Issue 2 Autumn 2013


Peter Bekins: Non-Prototypical Uses of the Definite Article in Biblical Hebrew

Ortal-Paz Saar: An Incantation Bowl for Sowing Discord

Yifat Monnickendam: Articulating Marriage: Ephrem's Legal Terminology and its Origins

Adam McCollum: Prolegomena to a New Edition of Eliya of Nisibis's Kitāb al-turjumān fī ta'līm luġat al-suryān 

Geula Elimelekh: Kafkaesque Metamorphosis as Reflected in the Works of Samīr Naqqāsh

Domenyk Eades and Maria Persson: Aktionsart, Word Form and Context: On the Use of the Active Participle in Gulf Arabic Dialects

Salman Ilaiyan and Khalid Sindawi: Verb Derivations from the Names of Countries and Peoples in the Middle East and Around the World


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