2013. okt. 3.

Middle East – Topics & Arguments

New Journal from Marburg:  META: Middle East – Topics & Arguments 

Vol. 1. (2013) The Intellectual


Dawn of the Declared Dead? On the Intellectual and Other Reasons for Launching a New Journal on the Middle East
Yvonne Albers, Maike Neufend


Plugging into the Body of the Leviathan: Proposal for a New Sociology of Public Interventions
Gil Eyal


Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab The Arab Quest for Freedom and Dignity: Have Arab Thinkers Been Part of It? 

Jan-Peter Hartung What Makes a “Muslim Intellectual”? On the Pros and Cons of a Category

Julie S. Leube Nurturing Intellectuals in the Islamic Republic: The National Elites Foundation

Leslie Tramontini “Speaking Truth to Power?” Intellectuals in Iraqi Baathist Cultural Production

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