2014. máj. 23.

Arab Studies Journal 2013/1

Arab Studies Journal 2013/1 Twentieth Anniversary Issue


Mixing, Separation, and Violence in Urban Spaces and the Rural Frontier in Palestine by Joel Beinin 

On Iraqi Nationality: Law, Citizenship, and Exclusion by Zainab Saleh 

Dangerous Weddings: Palestinian Poetry Festivals During Israel’s First Military Rule by Khaled Furani 

Responsible Mothers, Anxious Women: Contraception and Neoliberalism in Morocco by Cortney Hughes Rinker 

Global Arab World Migrations and Diasporas by Louise Cainkar 

Diaspora Politics and Developmental Empire: The Syro-Lebanese at the League of Nations by Simon Jackson 

Emigration and the Resilience of Politics in Lebanon by Wendy Pearlman 


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