2014. máj. 20.

Der Islam Band 91, Heft 1

Der Islam Band 91, Heft 1 (Mai 2014)

Nachruf auf Ernst J. Grube (1932–2011)
Haase, Claus-Peter

Introduction – What is in a Period? Arabic Historiography and Periodization
Hirschler, Konrad / Savant, Sarah Bowen

Periodization as a Tool of the Historian with Special Reference to Islamic History
Donner, Fred M.

Vanishing Syria: Periodization and Power in Early Islam
Borrut, Antoine

Al-Jāhiliyya: Uncertain Times of Uncertain Meanings
Webb, Peter

Dynastic Periodization and its Limits: Historiography in Contemporary Arab Monarchies
Determann, Jörg Matthias

Frames of Time: Periodization and Universals in the Works of Abdallah Laroui
Riecken, Nils

Silence and Nostalgia: Periodizing the Past in an Algiers Neighborhood
McAllister, Edward


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