2013. máj. 3.

Rethinking Totalitarianism and its Arab Readings

Rethinking Totalitarianism and its Arab Readings

Manfred Sing: Introduction

Götz Nordbruch: The Arab World and National Socialism – Some reflections on an ambiguous relationship

Stefan Wild: Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the Arabs' Enemies? Myth and Propaganda

Peter Wien: Arab Fascism – Arabs and Fascism: Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives

Faleh A. Jabbar: Totalitarianism Revisited. With a Note on Iraq

Jens Hanssen: Reading Hannah Arendt in the Middle East: Preliminary Observations on Totalitarianism, Revolution and Dissent

Francesca Di Pasquale: The Spiritual Correlation The Perception and the Response of Libyan Muslims to the Educational Fascist Policy (1931-1940)

Jakob Krais: Shakīb Arslān’s Libyan Dilemma. Pro-Fascism through Anti-Colonialism in La Nation Arabe?

Antoine Hokayem: Les interventions de l’Allemagne nazie dans les Etats du Levantsous mandat français et leurs répercussions : juin 1940 – juillet 1941 

Allison Drew: Communists, State and Civil Society in Colonial Algeria, 1945-1954

Jamaâ Baida: Le communisme au Maroc pendant la période coloniale (1912-1956)

Maher Charif: The National Liberation League (1943-1948): The Unique Experience of a Communist Organization (in Arabic)

Abdallah Hanna: The Syrian Political Parties (1920-1950): How much they were influenced by the European factor (in Arabic)

Leila El Houssi: Relations dangereuses entre antifascistes italiens et néo-destouriens dans la Tunisie des années trente

Nezam al-Abbasi: The Third Reich and the Palestinian Press

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