2013. aug. 18.

Journal of Semitic Studies 58/1

Volume 58 Issue 1 Spring 2013


Mikhal Oren:
Interference in Ancient Languages as Evidenced by Governed Prepositions

John Huehnergard and Saul M. Olyan
The Etymology of Hebrew and Aramaic Ykl ‘to be able’

Elizabeth Robar
WayyiqGraphicol as an Unlikely Preterite

David Prebor
The Restricted Semantic Field of Property in Mishnaic Hebrew

Bahaa Amer Al-Jubouri
An Aramaic Incantation Text

Tarsee Li
Syriac Enclitic Pronouns Added to Graphic and Graphic

Daniel King
Grammar and Logic in Syriac (and Arabic)

Geoffrey Herman
The Passion of Shabur, Martyred in the 18th year of Yazdgird with a Fragment of the Life of Mar Aba Catholicos

Siam Bhayro, Robert Hawley, Grigory Kessel, and Peter E. Pormann
The Syriac Galen Palimpsest: Progress, Prospects and Problems

David Wilmsen
Grammaticalization of the Arabic Demonstrative Iyyā- as a Pronominal Object Marker in Ditransitive Verbs: An Answer to Bravmann

Domenyk Eades, Janet C.E. Watson, and Mohammed Ahmad al-Mahri
Camel Culture and Camel Terminology Among the Omani Bedouin


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