2013. aug. 21.

Orient-Institut Studies 2 (2013)

Orient-InstitutStudies 2 (2013):  InvertedWorlds: Cultural Motion in the Arab Region              

hg. von Syrinx von Hees, Nadia von Maltzahn and Ines Weinrich

Syrinx von Hees, Nadia von Maltzahn and Ines Weinrich: Introduction 
Yves Gonzalez-Quijano: Rap, an Art of Revolution or a Revolution in Art?
Ines Dallaji: Tunisian Rap Music and the Arab Spring: Revolutionary Anthems and Post-Revolutionary Tendencies
Stephan Procházka: The Voice of Freedom: Remarks on the Language of Songs from the Egyptian Revolution 2011
Simon Dubois: Street Songs from the Syrian Protests
Nader Srage: The Protest Discourse: The Example of “Irhal” (Go/Get Out/Leave) 
Sara Binay: “Where are they going?” – Jokes as Indicators of Social and Political Change 
Mona Abaza: Satire, Laughter and Mourning in Cairo’s Graffiti                  
Marwan Kraidy: A Heterotopology of Graffiti: A Preliminary Exploration
Matthias Kispert: The Sound of Discontent 
Hassan Choubassi: The Arab Masses: From the Implosion of Fantasies to the Explosion of the Political
Monika Halkort: Counting versus Narration – On the Database as Political Form 
Lotte Laub: Circularity versus Linearity: Immediate Artistic Reactions to Periods of War and Political Upheaval 
Sahar Mandour: قصة الأمس | Yesterday’s Story

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