2013. aug. 3.

The Bible in Arabic

Intellectual History of the Islamicate WorldVolume I. 1-2 (2013):

The Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims

Alig egy éve adtunk hírt az új folyóirat első számának felhívásáról, s nemrég meg is jelent.

Az első tematikus szám teljes anyaga elérhető és letölthető - szabadon!

Authors: Camilla Adang; Meira Polliack; Sabine Schmidtke

When Did the Bible Become an Arabic Scripture?
Author: Sidney H. Griffith

Some Historiographical Remarks on Medieval and Early-Modern Scholarship of Biblical Versions in Arabic: A Status Quo
Author: Ronny Vollandt

An Early Copy of the Pentateuch and the Book of Daniel in Arabic (MS Sinai—Arabic 2): Preliminary Observations on Codicology, Text Types, and Translation Technique
Authors: Miriam Lindgren; Ronny Vollandt

An Early Fragmentary Christian Palestinian Rendition of the Gospels into Arabic from Mār Sābā (MS Vat. Ar. 13, 9th c.)
Author: Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala

Vestiges of Qaraite Translations in the Arabic Translation(s) of the Samaritan Pentateuch
Author: Gregor Schwarb

The Book of Proverbs between Saadia and Yefet
Author: Ilana Sasson

 In the Border-Land of Literalism: Interpretative Scripture Alterations in Medieval Karaite Translations of the Bible into Arabic
Author: Marzena Zawanowska

Saadia’s Seven Guidelines for “Conviviality in Exile” (from His Commentary on Esther)
Author: Michael G. Wechsler

Hebrew Bible Quotations in Arabic Transcription in Safavid Iran of the 11th/17th Century: Sayyed Amad ʿAlavī’s Persian Refutations of Christianity
Author: Dennis Halft

Ezra as the Corrupter of the Torah? Re-Assessing Ibn azm’s Role in the Long History of an Idea
Author: Martin Whittingham

The Bible and Arabic Philology in Russia (1773–2011)

Author: Dmitry A. Morozov

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