2013. aug. 22.

Sociology of Islam 1-2 (2013)

Sociology of Islam                   Volume 1, Issue 1-2, 2013

A New Introduction Sociology of Islam: Social, Political and Economic Transformations in Muslim Societies
Authors: Gary Wood; Tugrul Keskin

The Sociology of Islam: Precedents and Perspectives
Author: Armando Salvatore

Sociology of Islam: the Desiderata
Author: Bryan S. Turner

The ‘Church’ of Bourguiba: Nationalizing Islam in Tunisia
Author: Edward Webb

The Power of the Jama‘A: The Role of Hasan Al-Banna in Constructing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Collective Identity
Author: Khalil al-Anani

Culture or Class? Why Islam is Neither the Question nor the Answer
Author: Jeff Tan

Democracy and Islam: A Tale of Democratic Struggle in a Muslim Majority State
Author: Mohammad Musfequs Salehin

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